Annual Conference

Annual Conference

The WCCA wants to thank everyone for

helping make 2019’s conference such a success! See you next year!

The 2019 Conference Keynote Speakers:


“Grave Site Preservation Laws” presented by Leslie Eisenberg

Find out what the laws are the make up grave site preservation requirements, and how they apply to cemeteries and other excavation sites in the State of Wisconsin.

“Legal Updates for Cemeteries” presented by Michael D. Sharkey

Discussion on lawsuits against cemeteries & how to respond to them. Also a look into Insurance considerations for your cemetery and what are the best practices.

“Feature Development & Master Sculptor’s Work” presented by Ted Tingesdahl and Bryan Norton

Learn how a section of cemetery can be customized for a special project, and about the construction considerations to donor participation and recognition. Also, find out about duplicating statues, how a Master Sculptor does his work, and about the Lost Wax Process.

“Electronic Surveillance for Cemeteries” presented by Kevin Gierach

Find out about the different types of surveillance technologies and security systems that are available for cemeteries, and learn what the differences are in cameras/surveillance systems and what would work best for your needs.

“Winter Salt & Brine Applications” presented by Mary Reinders

Winter Salt Considerations: Find out about the proper application of salt & brine, know the different types of applications, and learn about when and how they should be applied.